Friday, April 13, 2012

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Highlighting the Future

Spotlight - Hicksville High School's Art Department

Hello to everyone! As you know, in addition to Ace of Images photography and fine art, I am a photojournalist for the Crescent-News of Defiance, Ohio. That's right, most of my weekends and evenings are spent with crazed fans 9months out of the year, haha (and I LOVE it!). I've always been a basketball fan, but an additional benefit to covering this indoor sport is that I sometimes wander around and find the Art Department's display case.

Folks, we have some talented kids in this rural little area we call "Hoosierhio". When not playing on their newfangled inventions and connecting with each other on their "mybooks", and "facespaces" , and being "pinned" to lord knows what now (I say this all in good fun), they MUST be soaking up SOMETHING from their teachers (in addition to soaking it up faster than we ever could via the previously tweaked/mentioned sites).

This is the future of our world. Future graphic designers, future marketing gurus, and future creative people in any job sector who will be the leaders of the pack who dare to think outside the box in your industry.

Hicksville middle and high school art teacher Mike Silliman's students have produced impressive photography in the past and the current group of students do not disappoint. As someone who was often a frustrated teenager toiling over artwork striving, for perfection (ok... I still do this, yes, but it was a more traumatic deal in my youth) and went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, it's a treat to see the growth in their work. It's neat to see the fundamental elements of art being learned and honed. Color, shape, texture, and more all lead to some pretty interesting compositions. Particularly, I love that they seem to be really focusing on incorporating depth of field --haha, pun not intended but appreciated-- and using it as a means of pulling the viewer's attention to a specific area of the subject.

All in all, WELL DONE, and keep it up!

I am posting some photos I snagged uber quickly (so no, not MY best work, lol) on the way out out the door in a hurry to meet deadline for the Sunday paper. I did not have enough time to do this work full justice, but that's alright... because hopefully this will motivate you to take action:

  1. Seek these kids out and support their work! Offer some words of encouragement: tell the kids WHY you like their work and what specifically drew you to the piece. (this will prepare them for reviews and critiques in college and the work world)
  2. Offer them a scholarship--- WOOT!!! nothing says: "I believe in you"like a benefactor! :D It's $50 for a textbook or student version of Adobe Photoshop... help 'em learn!
  3. Say THANK YOU to Mr. Silliman(middle and high school) and Jen Hopps (K-6 art) for encouraging our youth and shaping our future creative employees.
  4. Support the arts by visiting student shows or donating needed items.
"Wet Grass", A. Stairhime

"Best Picture", D. Wulff

"Untitled", B. Schooley

"Untitled", Morgan ?

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me", Brooke

"Final Photo", A. Willis

RoCk tHe ArTs!!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"YOU win it; THEY win it" RESULTS!!!

And the winner is ...

Christina and Eric Herman!!!!!

A steady stream of voting gave the Hermans, our July 9th, 2011 couple of Bryan, Ohio not only the initial lead, but eventually the WIN! :D Congratulations, the couple (who I am happy to announce is expecting a little girl this spring! ) will receive a special token of our appreciation for having us be a part of their big day.

AND, at random pick one of their supporters -- Brooke Stahley has won a free photo session and Top 20 images!

Runner-up: Cory and Shannon Strine - Thank you SO MUCH for keeping it lively there at the finish!

It was great to see the support from friends and family for all of our couples!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Update-- "YOU win it; THEY win it"

We are now taking votes by email at :

Some participants have been able to post comments on here and some have not, so please feel free to send up an email with your vote :D


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"YOU win it; THEY win it"


The time is here! We are happy to release our "YOU win it; THEY win it" contest.

All of our 2011 brides had fabulous floral decor. We couldn't choose a favorite bouquet, so YOU,the voting public get to.... for a PRIZE!!!! :D We are listing three photos from each wedding that includes these gorgeous bouquets for voters to compare and decide which is their favorite. The couple with the most votes (comments) will win a special gift featuring one of our favorite photos from their wedding day. We will randomly choose a voter from the pool that supported our winning couple. THE VOTER will win a TWO HOUR FREE PHOTO SHOOT and our favoriteTOP TWENTY jpeg images with printing and online photo sharing copyrights released.

Brides: email / share this blog link with anyone and everyone you know to increase yoursupport!

Voting public:
1) Please only one vote/comment per person. (btw... no requirement that you know the couple whose bouquet you vote for!)

2) Did you get family photos recently but know a Senior, family, aspiring actor in an upcoming play, worthy non-profit event, musician with a gig, star athlete, or newly engaged couple who you'd like to give the winning prize to instead? Feel free! Vote now... we will credit your loved ones after you are informed of the results.

3) The photo shoot will take place in a location as agreed upon by both the participant(s) and Ace of Images in one of the following counties:
  • Williams - Ohio
  • Defiance - Ohio
  • Paulding - Ohio
  • Henry - Ohio
  • Fulton - Ohio
  • Van Wert - Ohio
  • Steuben - Indiana
  • Dekalb - Indiana
  • Noble - Indiana
  • Allen - Indiana
Winners do not have to reside in these counties, this is just the list of photo session locations.

4) Votes may be cast until 12:00 am February 1st, 2012. Check back in with blog OR find us on Facebook for updates on who's in the lead each week :D

Now for our contestants (in order of wedding date):

Hancock - Orange Lillies!

Strine- Tulips!

Stubblefield- Peonies!

Herman - Iris!

Dennis- Diamond studded red roses!

Jacobs - Hydrangea! (more sneakpeeks!)

Special thanks to assistant Elizabeth Weddington of Studio Seventy-Nine! Head on over to: to see more of her work!

Let the voting begin!!!! Good luck to all of our candidates (who I can safely say are MUCH prettier than those in that "other" election going on this year ;D ).


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fave Ceremony Venue - 2011 Weddings

Fave Ceremony Venue
Well kids we are down to our final look at 2011. I could just be honest and say, "all of them" haha. Seriously, we were blessed to be a part of some beautiful ceremonies at gorgeous sites. My personal top two are very different from the size of the venue to the weather.

Kristina has such a vibrant personality; it was only fitting that the Dennis wedding colors were royal red, white, and blue. She and Dustin's ceremony at the home of "Aunt Gaylea" and "Uncle Jim" Guilford was absolutely gorgeous featuring hundreds of red roses and bouquets created by the bride's cousin. Rosaries were hung in a nearby tree in remembrance and to honor faith. Members of the Guilford family even provided vocal music for the ceremony. I believe it was Gaylea who mentioned how special it was to see Kristina pass through such a revered right of passage beside the pond she played in as an adolescent and had formed so many other happy memories already. Planning for this wonderful event was provided by

Switching gears from an outdoor fall wedding, we have the Hancock wedding held at St.Mark's Lutheran Church of rural Defiance, Ohio. As previously mentioned, Nicole wanted a small, intimate affair that was as tastefully simple as possible. She more than succeeded! :) This venue was a natural fit for the couple as it is where our groom, Rod, serves as a deacon. The stain glass windows of this small country church and its cream walls definitely created the perfect mood for their ceremony.

Please click the photo below to view a slideshow of these two venues. Congrats again to our couples! and more importantly, THANK YOU!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fave Reception Venue - 2011 Weddings

Fave Reception Venue

Our couples in 2011 had swanky taste and knew how to make the most of their reception venues, that's for sure!!! We would like to highlight two in particular that are memorable!

1) the Strine wedding chose Founder's Hall (Archbold, Ohio) partly because of its on-site location with Sauder Village and the Village Inn (fabulous place with a huge pool room and loads of gorgeous woodwork!). What stands out most to me was the FABULOUS customer service of the staff. We like to check out locations for the ceremony and the reception if at all possible prior to the wedding day so we can get our gear list set accordingly for any lighting situations and learn the do's and don'ts of shooting locations and so on.
Shanon, Cory and I were able to meet at the inn, then travel across the parking lot to visit the hall and even step inside the actual banquet hall under staff escort who was very informative.

On the wedding day, Elizabeth and I were more than welcomed by staffers on hand for food preparation, daily operations, and event coordination. Every employee we encountered was more than helpful, genuinely took the time to answer questions and offer suggestions, and helped us get situated before the festivities. As if this were not enough, the hall is very spacious with beautiful wooden architecture (staying true to the rustic feel of the Sauder campus) and features a GORGEOUS, massive iron chandelier!!!!! :D So spacious, in fact, it was also the wedding venue -- a definite perk for guests. No finding the way to the hall in a different town, guests remained seated and the Sauders staff commenced serving the hors d'oeuvres !

2) The Hancocks preferred to keep their day as no-fuss and low-key as possible. Their choice location -- Kissner's restaurant in downtown Defiance, Ohio offered a relaxed atmosphere for classic dining. I LOVE Kissner's antique feel (not vintage, not retro... it's antique.... ) with its tin ceilings, beautiful dark wood and Victorian, tall and slender windows. Nicole and Rod's reception was held in the second floor banquet room available for rental. The base level of Kissner's (site of daily business) is frequented by locals looking for that hometown feel and is a lunchtime hotspot attracting area businessmen and women (right before the golf course on somedays! lol).
524 Clinton St.
Defiance, Ohio 43512
See this link for reviews on this area business as posted on Urbanspoon:

Kissner's on Urbanspoon


Please click on the image below to view a quick video of these two locations :D